Cygnus® GM19

The CYGNUS® GM19 is a sturdy inshore fishing vessel and workboat, suitable of single handed working and all year round use. The design features include a high upright stem with a fine waterline entry, full round low bilges, full displacement long keel and transom stern. This combination produces a stable and seaworthy hull of exceptional quality. Working off a beach is easily done and hardwood bilge keels will enable the craft to dry out in an upright position. A moulded cuddy is also available and the gunwales can be built from maintenance free GRP or more traditional hardwoods.

Kits can be supplied to any stage of construction, the boat being ideal for home completion, from hull main structure, partly fitted out, or fully finished boat. Many and various tasks have been undertaken by these very versatile craft. They have been fitted out as ferries, foy boats, yacht club tenders, crabbers, netters, purse seine skiffs, angling boats, pleasure use, diving boats, mooring launches, hand liners, canal boats, small beam trawlers, fish farm tenders, lifeboats and many other diverse applications. Construction can allow for full buoyancy to render the craft unsinkable.
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Length Overall
Metric 5.85m
Imperial 19’ 2″
Metric 2.3m
Imperial 7′ 6”
Metric 0.53m
Imperial 1′ 9″
Metric 1.25 tons
Engine Power
Metric 8-14kw Imperial 12-18 hp
12′ Std
16′ Deep keel
GRP hand layup.

 GM19 Drawings